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Jony Ive

I'm reading the Jony Ive biography by Leander Kahney. Fantastic tour of several geniuses at work. 

Memories. Steve Jobs introduces the original iMac.


Required Viewing



One of the best effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey. How they did it.

Click to 3:47 in the linked movie above.


The New Job

I'm here. Let the scripting for season two begin. Get it on iTunes. Watch it at USA Network online.


My Future Past

I shot 16mm film with an original Bolex camera all through my high school years. Now a Kickstarter campaign aims to revive the Bolex camera with digital innards. I want, I want.


The Future is in Your Face

Saw this over on  Walter Cronkite gives you a tour of the home office of the future.  

And then there's this:


It's all true and I love them madly

Yes, them (all topics discussed).


Score One for the Good Guys

My pal Gregg Hale is riding the Sundance happy train today.  S-VHS, an anthology horror film Gregg co-directed (a sequel to VHS) has been picked up for distrubution by Magnolia.  I met Gregg years ago when I came aboard the Fox show, FreakyLinks.  Gregg and his partner, Ricardo Festiva, had created the show to exploit the "found footage" concept Gregg and his earlier partners had previously executed with The Blair Witch Project.  Congratulations, Gregg!


Into Thirteen

Once more around the sun.  Working now to get work.  Always a scary fun anxious time.  About as close to wingsuit skydiving as I ever hope to get.  Things circling my Want-To-Write list: A steampunk pilot for a series that updates the tone of Brisco Country Jr. crossed with (what else) X-Files; A WWII drama based on the true story of a 20-year-old girl who fought the war by bombing Germany her way; finishing up a spec detective drama with female, criminally-minded clairsentient as the lead; hoping to work with pals Mark Gantt and Matt Lutz on a brilliant, spooky concept they concocted... just have to get the right gatekeeper to say yes.  

Meanwhile, agents and manager are earning their percentages throwing me into various mixes and seeing what clicks.  

And, relating to my obsession collecting things related to Walt Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, an opportunity has come my way toward possibly taking possession of this beauty.  

Need a job to pay for it.  



Getting things together today.  Broke down and hired an actual, bonded and licensed handy man to help me fix what's broken around the house.  Doorknobs, a skylight, dog-chewed window sills and other bits of distracting fucknoise is being efficiently dealt with by Rico.  Rico is Swiss.  Seriously swiss.  Tall, thin, with a fantastic accent and the slight scent of a chain smoking habit, he is diligently doing his work in all the required places.  Why, although I think I know, was I compelled to ask him, after providing him a cup of coffee, if he wanted some chocolate?  If I was an American handyman working in Switzerland would my employer ask me if I wanted a hot dog?  Rico is a guest, albeit a paid one, in my home and, in trying to be hospitable, I'm going to ask him if he wants chocolate?  I didn't.  But, boy, I came close.  

Worked some on the spec pilot yesterday.  Worked enough to know today that what I hoed was absolutely the wrong row.  Today I'm tearing up yesterday's work and restructuring it… actually, I'm just writing new material 'cause yesterday's stuff was nothing but manure.  Sometimes I have to write shit.  Most days I write shit.  Then it gets adjusted to be less shitty.  

Okay.  To the fields, farmer.  To the fields.